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What is an Examiner?

You might say the TNCPE Board of Examiners is the engine that drives our organization. This group of quality-driven professionals collaborates to assess the businesses and organizations that apply to the TNCPE Award Program each year. They’re also tasked with developing the valuable feedback reports that applicant organizations use to streamline their processes, empower their workforces, and achieve the results they want.

Examiners come from all industry sectors across the state of Tennessee and the Southeast. They will tell you they applied for the board because they were looking for an unparalleled professional challenge that would expand their knowledge base, enhance their personal effectiveness, connect them with like-minded professionals, and sharpen their competitive edge. In addition, they like the idea that they play a key role in making Tennessee and the Southeast a better place to live and work.


TNCPE Examiner/Award Cycle

Members of the TNCPE Board of Examiners serve for a one year period in a variety of roles:  examiners, ambassadors, editors, leaders, coaches, and other volunteer activities. While there are opportunities for examiners to serve year round, the majority of an examiner’s work occurs between June - October.

  • April: Board of Examiner applications due
  • May: New examiner orientation (required for first year examiners)
  • June –July: Examiner training. Examiners attend one three-day training class. Classes are held during the summer months throughout the state of Tennessee, with one session in North Carolina.
  • August – September: Examiners are placed on teams and conduct their independent award application reviews.
  • September – October: Most examiners participate in a team consensus meeting, conduct a site visit, complete the scoring process, and write the final report.
  • December – May: Because TNCPE accepts Interest or Level 1 applications all year, Master Examiners may be assigned as a coach for a Level 1 applicant in the winter or early spring months.
  • February/March: Annual Excellence in Tennessee Conference and Celebration (examiners attend the Excellence Celebration as a guest of TNCPE).


Examiner Benefits

All examiners take part in annual training to learn how to assess the companies that apply to the TNCPE award program. They learn how to use the Baldrige Excellence Framework (which includes the Criteria for Performance Excellence), analyze and evaluate applicant organizations, conduct the examination process, and prepare value-added feedback. Other benefits include:

  • Training in the internationally acclaimed Baldrige Excellence Framework
  • Networking and benchmarking opportunities
  • Hands-on experience that will add tremendous value to your own organization
  • A chance to contribute to your state’s and region’s economic well-being
  • Exposure to proven best practices in leadership, strategic planning, and more
  • A “resume booster”
  • A complimentary ticket to the annual Excellence Celebration
  • 2.7 continuing education credits through Tennessee Technological University
  • Hour-for-hour NASBA CPE credits for examiner training sessions


Employer Benefits

Businesses and organizations also benefit when they have a TNCPE examiner on staff. Examiner training empowers employees to apply the Criteria at their own jobs, improving processes and results along the way. In addition, employers enjoy:

  • Economic growth, as the organization applies the examiners’ knowledge and experiences
  • Access to intensive, free training for their workforce
  • More valuable employees
  • Recognition as an organization that values performance excellence
  • Access to on-hand experts who can lead internal improvement efforts
  • Recognition as a good corporate citizen




Apply to the Board of Examiners

 Complete Board of Examiner Applications online

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or download Board of Examiner Applications:

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Sign up to receive email notification for 2020 Board applications. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

General Examiner Information 

We hope you consider applying! New examiners (or those who have not served on the TNCPE Board of Examiners in two or more years) must also provide a recommendation.

For a deep dive into the examiner experience, please read through the Examiner General Information packet. It offers insight for prospective examiners, including details about the examiner timeline, our expectations, our code of ethics, and procedures.

For questions about applying to the TNCPE Board of examiners, please call (615) 889-8323.


2020 Training Schedule


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Training Course

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‚ÄčExaminer Training Fees

The following was the fee structure for 2019 Examiner Training:

  • First year examiner - $400
  • Second year examiner - $200
  • Third year examiner and above - No charge

After an examiner has completed two full years on the Board of Examiners, he or she will not be charged for the examiner training course. Returning examiners must complete all three days of training unless they have earned the Master Examiner designation.


Master Examiners

TNCPE examiners who have distinguished themselves over multiple years of service may earn the designation of master examiner. High performing experienced examiners are invited to serve as master examiners at the discretion of the TNCPE president. At a minimum, master examiners will have completed three years of service on the Board of Examiners, demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the Baldrige framework, and served as either a team leader or scorebook editor. After accepting the master designation, examiners will serve in leadership roles on future TNCPE teams. 

TNCPE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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