At its core, the non-profit Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence is an economic development organization.

Our Mission

To strengthen Tennessee's economic and organizational health.

Using the framework of an awards program, TNCPE fulfills its mission by providing in-depth, low-cost assessments of regional organizations using the Baldrige Excellence Framework (which includes the Criteria for Performance Excellence).

Through a methodology based on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, organizations receive detailed feedback that they use to improve their processes and results. As organizations grow and improve, their communities benefit from increased revenue and job opportunities, as well as better education, government and health care services.

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Our Vision

To be a trusted partner and regional resource in achieving performance excellence.

Since its inception in 1993, TNCPE has provided over 1,300 organizations from myriad sectors – health care, service, education, manufacturing, government and non-profit – assessments and feedback. TNCPE trains regional professionals to provide these assessments as TNCPE examiners. Most examiners participate in at least three intensive days of training provided by TNCPE. Examiners take the skills developed during training and the assessment process back to their own jobs, benefiting and improving their own organizations in the process.

TNCPE also furthers its vision through the annual Excellence Conference. This event assembles local and national experts and leaders from world-class organizations who offer training on best practices and organizational improvement tools. During the conference, TNCPE hosts the Excellence Celebration, providing recognition to  individuals and organizations pursuing performance excellence. 

Our Values

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Create Value
  • Results Driven
  • Customer Focused Excellence
  • Fiscal Sustainability
  • Fact-Based Management

Why We Do It

The Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence believes education, recognition of significant achievement and the sharing of winning strategies will help Tennessee corporations and organizations become more competitive on a national and international level.

Strong Tennessee businesses, in turn, bring jobs and resources to the state, supporting the people who call Tennessee home.

Who We Are

A small, permanent team of executive and support staff handles day-to-day operations from our office in Nashville. In addition, TNCPE relies on the efforts of diverse and talented experts to realize our mission. These individuals contribute to TNCPE through their work on the TNCPE Board of Directors, the Board of Examiners and the Panel of Judges. Member organizations and individuals contribute through monetary or in-kind donations.

This is the TNCPE infrastructure, and each person involved plays an important role that helps sustain our organization.

There are many ways your talents can contribute as well. Learn how to get involved.

TNCPE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

PO Box 101310 Nashville, TN 37224. 615-532-4590.