Navigator Software and the Scorebook Kidd


By Paul Kidd

Paul Kidd is an outlaw tech guru, TNCPE examiner, and performance excellence professional. TNCPE has him on-call to advise examiners if they run into trouble using Scorebook Navigator. When he is not wrangling TNCPE’s assessment software, Paul is the quality manager at Lippert Components in the Nashville area.

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Dear Scorebook Kidd,

My scorebook is doing strange things when I drop text into an Item worksheet.  It started out okay — I completed one Item with no problems, then pulled four Key Factors into the second Item worksheet.  When I tried to select a fifth Key Factor, Scorebook Navigator dropped the evaluation factors table into the Key Factor field. I tried to save my work and restart SN, but the software froze.

Can you help?

Can’t Save My Place Matt

Dear Place Matt,

I suspect this is a copy/paste problem. Scorebook Navigator has some copy/paste flaws, particularly when you’re pulling from MS Word, and this sounds typical of the issue.    

Are you copy/pasting using keyboard shortcuts (PC: Ctrl-c and Ctrl-v, MAC: -c and -v)? When you use keyboard shortcuts, you are copying not only text, but formatting instructions (which aren’t necessarily visible), as well. SN reads these formatting instructions as commands and tries to execute them, causing problems like the ones you described. 

To prevent this, use the "Copy" icon within the software, instead of keyboard shortcuts. Pressing the icon will not only copy the text, it will also strip out all the formatting instructions. Another fix would be to convert the Word document to a PDF first. Then you could continue to use keyboard shortcuts.

If you’re still having trouble, look carefully through your text. Symbols like %, #, <, > can also cause the software to malfunction. Take these out and I believe things will go smoother. 

Dear Scorebook Kidd,

tumblr_inline_o51xddCxyR1s4rar7_500-3.pngI participated in the Site Visit Webinar, and I remember Heather stressing that we were not to delete OFIs or any comments in our scorebook after site visit. She was pretty adamant about not hitting the "X" icon.  However, one of my OFI comments was cleared on site visit, and we don’t want the comment to appear in the final report – what do I do?

—Madam X

Dear Madam,  

The solution is to put away the shotgun and use a rifle: Don't eliminate the whole line by clicking "X." Instead, replace the comment text with a note like, "comment no longer needed.” This will allow the judges to view the team's process (and keep our resident Annie Oakley at bay).   

Dear Scorebook Kidd,

I am working on the Item Evaluation page for the Item I'm leading. I found the “v” column that has been added on the right side of the Item lead's worksheet.

As instructed, I open the pop-up window by clicking on the little "v" symbol. Once I enter my information and hit save, the column header changes to a large "V" on my item worksheet.

Here's my problem: When I look at my teammates' Item Worksheets, all the site visit questions seem to appear in that column except mine. Why aren’t mine showing up?  I’ve hit save several times. Is my scorebook broken?

—V. Concerend

Dear Concerned,

You did not break the scorebook. In fact, you are entering the site visit information exactly as you should. Your teammates will see your site visit questions in the column just like you see theirs, you just can't see your own. To view and edit your questions, simply click the "V" again to re-open the pop-up window

Dear Scorebook Kidd,

I can’t seem to get the spell check feature to work in Scorebook Navigator. What gives?

—Digraph David

Dear Digraph,

Are you using Google Chrome as your web browser? Unfortunately, spell check does not work if you are on Chrome. The best option is to change browsers.

There is a workaround, but it is not elegant: After running spell check on a page, and making all corrections, select each modified record and save it individually. If you do this instead of saving the entire page by clicking the “SAVE” icon, the corrected records will be maintained.

Dear Scorebook Kidd,

When I try to review the criteria in Scorebook Navigator, the entire system locks up – to the point that I have to restart my computer. This has happened consistently since I started independent review.

Freezing in Burns, Tenn.

Dear Freezing,

This sounds like a browser memory issue with your computer. Here’s an idea hover your cursor over the Item Reference number you’re working on. When you do, a pop-up window of the applicable Criteria passages will appear.

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