Baldrige Program Update

The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program (BPEP) recently announced that a request for
quotes has been issued through the GSA Schedule for the “Baldrige Reimagined” external

In the announcement, the program said, “The upcoming review process will include both
independent review and engagement by the contractor with our key stakeholder groups to
obtain their perspective on our program and the Baldrige Award, as well as their input on what
might be done to enhance our reach and impact.”
The initiative – to “re-imagine” the Baldrige Program and Process – has been a discussion item
throughout the Baldrige Enterprise for many years, so it is an extension of a desire to improve,
grow, and innovate the Program/Enterprise.

TNCPE, as part of the Alliance for Performance Excellence, will be working closely with the
Baldrige Program and the rest of the Baldrige Enterprise to assist and provide input with
improvements. We believe the recommendations that will be provided from this broad review
will provide incredible insights to help TNCPE continue to refine our services to attain our vision
to be a trusted partner and regional resource in achieving performance excellence. TNCPE looks
forward to the outcome of this review.

Baldrige Reimagined FAQs

 Is the Baldrige Program going away? 
o No!  In fact, it is our thinking that it will emerge stronger, more accessible, and
more impactful.  The Program has made incremental change for 35 continuous years,
but this is an opportunity for true innovative breakthrough change. Improvement,
innovation, agility, resilience are core concepts underpinning Baldrige. The Baldrige
Program and Baldrige Enterprise have demonstrated all of these over the past decade,
and this is an opportunity to do so again!

 Will there be a Quest for Excellence in 2023? 
o The Baldrige Program is still planning to host Quest in April 2023.  It will likely
look a little different without current year recipients, but the Program is using the
opportunity to reconfigure the conference in line with the overall Baldrige Reimagined
effort, bringing new content, new value, and new energy to Quest for Excellence. 

 What will the review focus on? When will it be completed? 
o The review will assess how the Program can best advance US competitive,
addressing the challenges most relevant to today’s business environment, and to
reimagining how the Program can best function to increase impact and accessibility. 
The goal is to have actionable recommendations this fall that can be implemented in
time for the 2023 Award process.

TNCPE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

PO Box 101310 Nashville, TN 37224. 615-532-4590.