TNCPE Rolls out NEW Level 1 Process


As part of our continuous cycle of improvement, we listened to feedback from our applicants, examiners and members to create a new streamlined Level 1 process that offers first-time applicants an "easy way in" to our program.

The redesigned Level 1 Application offers a more hands-on approach for those new to our Awards Program - or even new to the Baldrige Framework. Applicants will now work with an Examiner coach to develop an Organizational Profile as part of the application process - giving organizations the confidence to start the Level 1 process!

Once the applicant has completed and submitted the Organizational Profile that they have developed with their coach, they are encouraged to schedule a Bridge Workshop. During this workshop, the coach will delve into the Baldrige - focusing on identifying the applicant's strengths and opportunities for improvement.

After the Bridge Workshop, each organization will receive a customized feedback report from their coach with their assessment as well and actionable steps for improving the organization.

The new Level 1 process is being rolled out slowly, with both the new and old application formats being accepted until the end of 2018. We will switch over fully starting in 2019.

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