Erwin Utilities Recruits for the Future Through Excellence

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Erwin Utilities, TNCPE Member and 2016 Commitment Award Winner, is preparing for the workforce of the future through Excellence. They are nationally profiled this month within their industry as an organization that is getting ahead of the trends by getting competitive, while allowing for growth.

Public Power magazine, an industry publication by the American Public Power Association, featured Erwin Utilities among its business leaders in the article “Recruit local: The next generation in the utility workforce”. This article explores the massive turnover happening in every industry, caused by the retirement of the baby boomer generation, and how small, local power companies are attracting the emerging workforce to these positions and, in turn, shaping the future of the power industry. Erwin's method? Baldrige.


“Erwin Utilities, which experienced several retirements over the last eight years but is now settled down concerning turnover, turned the talent challenge into an opportunity to attract new and more-skilled employees. How? By focusing on improving themselves.

‘We engaged in the Baldrige Excellence Framework, through the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence, to try to move our 70-year-old processes into something more defined, with technology and automation,’ explained Brown. Through the exercise, the utility examined its strategy, leadership, customers, workforce, data management and processes, identifying gaps and ways to work on continually improving.”

To read more of this article, and see how Erwin’s and others’ strategies in attracting a millennial workforce might help your organization move toward excellence, visit

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