Future-Proofing Leaders for Uncomfortable Growth



"Whom did I impact today? And how will I be remembered by the people I work with?"

These were some of the questions asked by Seth Mattison, founder and chief movement officer of FutureSight Labs, during his keynote presentation at the recent Baldrige Quest for Excellence® conference.

“Leadership is about impact,” said Mattison. “The cool thing about leadership is that you don’t have to wait to leave a legacy. You can leave a legacy today by the actions you take, the decisions you make, your ability to leave an impact.”

Mattison said his work is to help organizations and leaders to future-proof themselves by studying what “the best of the best do to navigate the future of work while pursuing excellence in all that they do.”

The best leaders have a remarkable ability to live in two separate worlds at the same time, he said; they “live in the here and now (performing with excellence as an executive), while simultaneously maintaining discipline in a second world of invention, experimentation, and growth” (i.e., positioning themselves to stay relevant for the future).

It’s easiest for leaders to get caught up in the business of work, and it’s hardest to “make the time to peer around the corner as to what is coming next to the industry and the world at large,” he said.

“How do you know if you stopped growing?” asked Mattison. Leaders need to ask themselves, “Do I feel uncomfortable?”

Mattison also elaborated on three trends he has seen in studying how world-class leaders are future-proofing: Defining the Future of Leadership, Defining Culture, and Staying Relevant. You can read more about these three topics and their application within the Baldrige Framework here.

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