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While the core of TNCPE's assessment program remains the application and awards process, we are committed to meeting you where you are. We offer several opportunities to engage your team with the Criteria and level up your performance excellence journey. Whether you're in between applications, just starting out, or need a little tune-up after an especially hard year, we can help!


The Partnership Performance Assessment

The Partnership Performance Assessment (PPA) allows members of your workforce to collaborate with trained TNCPE examiners to assess the organization and identify opportunities for improvement. 

The best part? No written application is required! This dynamic process is ideal for mature organizations who are looking for a Baldrige “tune-up” or need help breaking through to the next award level. Although minimal preparation is required, the results are immediately actionable.

The PPA benefits include:

  • One-on-One Coaching with a Master Examiner
  • Condensed Timeline with Minimal Preparation
  • Site Visit that Engages your Team
  • Customized Assessment with your Goals in Mind
  • Internal Team Development, Collaboration, & Buy-in
  • Prescriptive Feedback Developed Internally
  • Feedback Report for Long-Term Sustainability



Baldrige for Beginners

The Baldrige for Beginners workshop is a one-day introduction to the seven categories of the Baldrige Excellence Framework™. The workshop includes class discussions and activities designed to help participants use the basic level questions in each category to assess their own organization or area. Each participant will receive a copy of the Baldrige Excellence Framework™.
LOCATION | Virtual or On-site     LIMIT | 30 participants 


Lightning Solutions the A3 Way

It is not uncommon to struggle to gain meaningful results on those irritating problems. This 4-hour workshop is based on the popular A3 Lean tool and is designed to teach participants a step-based approach to problem solving that will focus the team on strong collaboration, active communication and working the action items to achieve results. Work together with your TNCPE facilitator to tackle an organizational problem or significant OFI! 
LOCATION | Virtual or On-site     LIMIT | 25 participants


Strategy Concepts that Move You Forward

The best strategic planning processes begin with an understanding of your strategic advantages and challenges. In this 4-hour course, a TNCPE facilitator will guide you through a SWOT analysis and help your organization identify its most significant strategic opportunities. Use this workshop to kick off your strategic planning cycle or to fill in the gaps in your Organizational Profile!
LOCATION | Virtual or On-site      LIMIT | 25 participants

Application writing

No matter where your organization is on its journey to performance excellence, this hands-on workshop will propel you forward. In this full-day course, you will come away with a deeper understanding of your organization and the Baldrige framework, as well as a project plan for writing and editing your application. You will even complete some application requirements during interactive exercises throughout the day. Whether this is your first or fifth TNCPE application, this workshop will get you moving along the path to success!
LOCATION | Virtual or On-site     LIMIT | 25 participants


Leadership Orientation

The 60-90 minute Leadership Orientation is designed to introduce an organization’s senior leaders to the Baldrige Excellence Framework™ and how it can be used to help them define and achieve excellence for their organization.
LOCATION | Virtual or On-site     LIMIT | None


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