Baldrige and the Bible

TNCPE judge pens manual on using Baldrige to lead churches to performance excellence


Congratulations to TNCPE Judge and Member Dr. Donn Fisher, who recently published "Corporate Worship: A Baldrige-based Congregational Assessment for Religious Institutions." His book is a manual designed to guide any denomotation through the the Framework for Performance Excellence, which Fisher feels is key to sustaining a sucessful congregation. 

"A church is a business, it's a business enterprise, and even though it's all about worshiping God and being focused on helping people lead good lives, it's still a busines," Fisher explained in a July 4 Commercial Appeal article. "You've got to keep your numbers up and you've got to keep your contributions up in order to pay the bills, in order to keep the thing viable and relevant as an organization," he said.
Fisher is chief executive of the Memphis-baseds Mid-South Quality Productivity Center.

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