Blaze Performance Solutions Offers 6-Month Virtual Leadership Academy

If you’re like so many leaders --you’re in COVID survival mode-- trying to stay alive by creating new strategies, budget cuts, and reducing headcount.   You’re also betting your Managers (and their teams) will be able to get more done with less in the most difficult circumstances of their careers!

This is a bet you cannot afford to lose! (And neither can your Owners, Employees, and Customers!)

The hard truth is that even the best strategy will not get implemented by your sheer force of will.  Your strategy must be implemented by your Middle and Front-line managers.  This battle is won on the front lines.

Your Middle and Front-line leaders have to:

  1. Engage and motivate their people
  2. Retain them
  3. Create Excellent Results now and over time

Making sure that they CAN, and WILL, is why we’ve created the 100% virtual:

Blaze Leadership Academy

(Lead Effectively and Manage Efficiently)

How is the Blaze Leadership Academy different than anything you’ve experienced:

  1. Relevance and Context: Leaders are immersed in highly relevant training created specifically for the COVID workplace. Topics include: Execution, Accountability, Performance Management, Engagement, Communication, Inclusion and more.
  2. Behavior Change: To ensure this becomes sustainable behavior change, your participants will be engaged and supported for 6 full months until the “new” becomes the “new normal.”
  3. Delivery that Works: Our content is delivered in high impact 90-minute Live Virtual training sessions, once per month. Neuroscience confirms that “Less is More” when it comes to learning, retention and application.
  4. Breakthrough Coaching: Monthly Live Virtual coaching sessions create the support and accountability essential for improvement.
  5. Visibility and Guidance: We make everyone’s progress clear and tangible with the Blaze Digital Compass which creates:
    1. Real-time clarity and focus on goal-related actions/behaviors
    2. Daily positive reinforcement and reportability
    3. Weekly bite-size learning to ensure application/improvement
    4. Weekly coaching tips to maintain momentum and engagement
    5. Gamification that energizes teams with productive competition and fun
  6. Performance Analytics (ROI): You will receive a monthly report which tells you:
    1. People are following the process and using the tools to get better
    2. Predicts ongoing performance improvement
    3. Connects learner actions and key behaviors to desired results
    4. Identifies the ROI with actual data – no guessing whether it’s working!

This is a 2 ½ -minute video overview of the Blaze Leadership Academy:

Investment - $695 per participant ($595 per participant for 2 or more). This translates into the best opportunity for high impact, sustainable learning, coaching, feedback, visibility, support, and accountability on the market (Less than $99 dollars per participant, per month). 

For more information, contact Kent Vaughn at

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