Examiner Spotlight: Elaine Boyd

St-Peters-square-2015-1-1.jpgCongratulations are due to examiner Elaine Boyd, who recently received a promotion at the Bureau of Environment at the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC). The new title for the Nashville-based, five-year examiner is Senior Advisor.

Within the TNCPE excellence community, Elaine is known as an asset to her teams (we have feedback metrics to prove it!) and for being extremely well connected: “She seems to know everyone in state government,” says TNCPE Award Program Manager Heather Schoch.

Elaine’s Vanderbilt degree in civil engineering led her along a career path in the public and private sector. She eventually landed at TDEC, where she focuses on the environmental side of department's authority (TDEC also oversees Tennessee’s state parks and natural areas). Throughout the department, Elaine implements LEAN, performance excellence initiatives (including TNCPE programming) and other projects.  

In 2012, Elaine signed up to serve on the TNCPE Board of Examiners for personal development, but that quickly evolved into a more expansive pursuit.

“I went through the training, and I thought, ‘Wow, this is awesome!’ So I sat down with my boss, Deputy Commissioner Shari Meghreblian, and said, as an organization, we have got to adopt this.”

Elaine’s influence led to TNCPE Commitment Awards at TDEC’s Bureau of Administration and its Bureau of the Environment. The organization continues to apply to the award program on an every-other-year cycle. The department provides the Board of Examiners about four members every year.  

In her free time, Elaine serves on the board of All About Women, a Nashville nonprofit that connects women with free resources to balance their lives and improve their health. It was founded 15 years ago to after the Tennessee Women’s Health Report Card published alarming data: “We were at the bottom of almost every category,” says Elaine. Today, the organization identifies at-risk communities and hosts lunch-and-learns on topics such as heart health, career advancement, and relationships. 

Elaine has daughter named Jordan (pictured above with Elaine at St. Peter's square), and a son named Winston. 

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