BTES among 2017 Baldrige National Quality Award Winners


Photo: David Jones, Pal's Business Excellence Institute and Michael Browder, CEO, Bristol Tennessee Essential Services

Baltimore, MD - Sunday, April 8 celebrated the 2017 Baldrige National Quality Award recipients at the 30th Annual Quest for Excellence Conference. Among the five organizations to receive the honor was Bristol Tennessee Essential Services, the 2012 and 1994 TNCPE Excellence Award winner.

Remarks from Dr. Walter G. Copan,  U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology, preceeded the awards, commending the recipients in saying,

"110 organizations over the last 30 years have achieved this pinnacle of performance. … This is like the Olympics for American excellence.”

R. Michael Browder, CEO, accepted the Award for Bristol Tennessee Essential Services, an electricity and fiber services utility company serving more than 33,000 customers with excellent results.

“We have been on this journey for over thirty years so receiving this prestigious award is a huge honor. As most everyone in this room knows, it takes a lot of time, a lot of support, and a lot of dedication to create and maintain a culture of continuous improvement.”

BTES has a strong legacy of continuous improvement that has propelled them to becoming a leader in their industry. They offer efficient and money-saving services to their customers, including the fastest internet available in the US, and can boast customer satisfaction levels nearing 100%.

Among their improvements, BTES has decreased its customer outage minutes to fewer than 60 minutes per year for the past 3 years, outperformed industry benchmarks for preparedness, saved customers more than $70 million over 40 years, and increased their employee retention rate to 100%, all making Bristol, Tenn. a better place to live and work.

To read more about BTES and their journey of performance excellence, visit their Baldrige profile. And, learn more about their world-class best practices here, as well as an overview of the key themes from the 2018 Quest Conference, here.

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